lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Mallorca ,a paradise for riders

                                      One way of making the most of your stay in Majorca
                                              Mallorca Cycling Station and Hotels

A visit to Mallorca is not only about enjoying the good weather, the scenery or the beaches. As well as all these elements, you can also enjoy the uniqueness of an island with many possibilities and warm temperatures throughout the year.

One way of making the most of your stay in Mallorca is by practicing a sport that takes advantage of a large road network that is ideal for cycling.

The sport is enjoying a boom and there is large number of cyclists on the roads. Mallorca has 1,250 kilometres of roads, of which 700 kilometres belong to second-class roads that cross different areas of the island, both mountains and plains. 

It is a road network that connects the towns of Mallorca crossing the mountains or the plains. Mallorca has a 100-kilometre long mountain range but also plains to the East.

mallorca serra tramuntana

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