viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008

UCI Cycling Training Camp 2009 by OBEX


During the last 10 years I have been dedicating time, effort and a lot of illusion in creating a professional / business like project specifically oriented to cyclists. Not without any difficulties, we have been able to configure a large, attractive and balanced service charter. It provides professional cyclists, amateurs and cycling tourists world wide training alternatives, fun and tourism through OBEX Cycling Events and

These last four months we have been identifying, selecting and negotiating the best offer possible to organize preseason training camps exclusively directed to professional cycling teams.

We have selected the best training zones available in the Island of Mallorca, one of the best territories in Europe that is adequate for winter training both in topography and climatology. We have required the hotels and companies that will serve complementary services the configuration of specific and exclusive offers for you.

The wide variety of this offer is configured to able the organization of training camps for almost all of the 200 UCI Professional Teams, independently of their budget capacity. There are offers available in all the levels.

We will propose some alternatives and complementary services that will make your stage organization easier.

The effort that more than 20 companies implicated in the configuration of this specific offer, converts Mallorca in the first world wide destiny to practice winter training camps.

Hope to see you soon,

José Miguel Palou Larrañaga - OBEX Owner



We work with more than 40 hotels in the island of Mallorca during nine months of the year. In case you would like to organize a training camp in dates different than in this offer (February, March), to prepare for specific competitions (UCI World Championships, etc.) or even in different locations, we could provide you with accommodation offers that best adjust to your requirements.




If you have any doubts, question or proposal about the organization of an event or training camp in Mallorca you can locate us in:


Corporate Office: C-5

Edifici Disset

ParcBIT – Mallorca

0034 902 565 192


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